Zable Fahr
Zable Fahr 3 Heads
Mario verses the God-Beast.




Four-Color Fort


Secret of Mana 2

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Zable Fahr is the second boss fought Four-Color Fort. They are the thirty thirtiethboss to be fought in this game.


Zable Fahr is the final God-Beast from Seiken Densetsu 3/ Secret Of Mana 2, and is the the most difficult to defeat.


Zable Fahr is a well designed character, and a difficult boss. In this battle, Mario can take five hits before he loses a life. There are two phases:

Phase OneEdit

In phase one, there are two heads to fight. Each head performs different attacks:

Blue HeadEdit

  • Targets on Mario and fires it caterpillar-like tongue. Spin attack the tongue to deal damage.
  • Breathes a line of fire.

Red HeadEdit

  • Fires a cutter. Spin attack the cutter to reflect it back to the head to deal damage.
  • Blows a gust of air.

After both heads are defeated, it seems like the boss is defeated, but, both heads are suddenly healed, and then a third head appears.

Phase TwoEdit

The second phase becomes much more difficult. The third head has it's own set of attacks:

  • Can summon a Para Bomb-omb
  • Puts a counter on Mario, which counts to death. Spin attack rapidly to remove it.
  • Summons crosses to drop from above.

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