Yellow Devil MKII
Yellow Devil (I Think)
Mario versing Yellow Devil MKII




Careful! Lightning!


Megaman III

Previous Boss

Larry Koopa

Next Boss

Chomp Shark

Yellow Devil MKII is a boss that appears in Careful! Lightning! It is the 21st boss fought in the game.


Yellow Devil MKII originates from Megaman III. He is a redesign of the original Yellow Devil.

In BattleEdit

This Yellow Devil plays out much similarly from it's original game. He will come in pieces from the left side of the screen and form. When he fully forms, he shoots 4 large projectiles towards Mario, then breaks up and forms on the other side of the screen. Alternatively, he can group his pieces and bounce to the other side of the screen.


The player can mostly duck through the fight, occasionally jumping to avoid the bottommost pieces. When the Yellow Devil finishes forming, his last piece drops a throwing block. Hit him three times with a block and he will be defeated.


For some reason, the Yellow Devil is purple in this fight, probably to match the level's color palette.

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