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  • Thirteen1355

    Well, I have not made a blog post for a long time, but I see there are still people who really want Brutal/Kitiku Mario to be released. Well, I think Carol is working on it, but cannot find much free time for it. It is not his main priority, but he does it out of fun.

    As it will be some time before Brutal Mario ever gets released (that is, if it will ever be released), I have listed some games Brutal Mario takes inspiration from, along with some great platformer games. My reason for writing this is to make you understand how awesome these games are and how they actually make better games than Brutal Mario, which mixes all those things together in one game. I think Brutal Mario is good because of the mix of great games, but the source games …

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  • Thirteen1355

    1-1 Demo

    April 14, 2015 by Thirteen1355

    Guys, I need some help here:

    Should I upload a video to Youtube about the new demo (without download link of course) or not?

    I don't know. Maybe a video upload will only cause more confusion.

    On the other hand, the video could give more stable information and instead remove eventual confusion.

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  • Thirteen1355

    Dear Brutal Mario lovers.

    Does anyone know something we could add to this wiki (like a page)?

    Does anyone have ideas? Thirteen1355 (talk) 10:49, July 19, 2014 (UTC)

    Here are pages that need to be added:

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  • Thirteen1355

    I think we should be merging

    with our wiki. 

    There are some pages on that wiki that contain information that we don't have. 

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  • Thirteen1355

    Fake Carols

    July 1, 2014 by Thirteen1355

    Hi, I'm Thirteen1355, and I'm writing this to let you know about some things.

    There are pretty many of them. First, we have WHODIDYOUTHINKITWAS, who didn't really pretend to be Carol, but said his Skill/RestL patches were made by Carol. Second, we have someone who called himself Carol151. I have heard that was Carol's real Youtube channel's name, but this one wasn't Carol for sure, as he told me himself before deleting the channel.

    I ask you all to write in the News section of this wiki when you hear about a new demo or something else. We from the wiki together will check if the demo is real then.

    Demo 9.5 and RestL/Skill patches were NOT MADE BY CAROL!

    Thirteen1355 (talk) 18:03, July 1, 2014 (UTC)

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