Unofficial Brutal Mario Project

I decided to remake BM classic with Cheap demo. This one may include a seven hero battle and a luigi battle. The last one I made kind of suck.

I would like some help with the project. BTW I already got English in the hack rom.

One thing is that I need somebody who knows ASM how to finsh the Seven Hero Battle in Cheap Demo.(It don't have to be Carol Perfect. Also, if we get the cheap demo seven hero boss working, than we just need to get started on Luigi World finsh Bowser Castle in Cheap DEMO. I am not sure if you can get sprites from other roms.

With the luigi world,maybe we could use the Juilus boss and tanisee boss from Vip Mario 5 or something in Luigi world. For Luigi, I am not sure.

What else needs to be done is the dragon balls I guess. Maybe a ASM coder will help me with that.

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