Looking for ASM Programming for Unoffical Brutal Mario and the plan for Luigi World

I been looking for a ASM programmer for Brutal Mario. We have good version of Brutal Mario,but I our version needs some more to feel like a completed game.Also a ASM programmer could help us make the ultimate one part ROM.(have to play Brutal Mario in different ROMs don't feel right to me. Playing it in one ROM would feel like a epic Adventure.)

Here I would list what The Unofficial Brutal Mario needs.

1.All bosses from all version in one rom *Plus making very good replica of bosses like Seven Heros, FF6 star boss plus incomplete boss like Peach/Goddess Peach and Luigi.

2.Make new bosses for Luigi World Manily. If star world needs level, we can add them too, but focus on Luigi World.

3.Luigi Castle needs to be like Bowser Castle. Long with many mini bosses like Bowser Castle,(Peach may be mini boss and Luigi main boss? Peach the final boss? I have no idea.)

4.There also a Queen Zeal boss in the game. Which means that Lavos may be in the game. If that true than I have no idea where there would fit. Maybe true final boss?

5.And finally where would Toad house fit?

Well, my idea for one Luigi world level is that maybe Giygas could be a boss? I think he would fit somewhere. A mini boss in Luigi Castle?

List of Coders that might be willing to help us

Here some coders that might be willing to help

asutoroZnewmario > (example of work)

anonimxwz >

Yoshi's House automatically changes to Toad's House when beating level D (last level of Special World). Beating Toad's House unlocks a Pipe leading to the middle path of Luigi World. Every side path of that World you beat unlocks a part of the middle path. This event is already programmed into the game. Please leave this event as it is, as it is the way it would have been in Carol's version! So beating the level with Macho Toad boss changes Yoshi's House into Toad's House (it is so in my rom too, so you can check it out).Thirteen1355 (talk) 17:06, July 6, 2014 (UTC)

Oh, and you know Luigi boss wouldn't have been in Luigi Keep, but in level after it, called: The Final Battle. The bosses in Luigi Keep would have been Goddess Toadstool (Peach) and another boss I don't remember. So I think the castle has to be like that, too.Thirteen1355 (talk) 22:37, July 6, 2014 (UTC)

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