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  • Theonesuperx

    Ok,Ladies and Gentlemen. It is 2015 now..Now Behold, the History of Brutal Mario.. Lets watch this history of amazing envovling ASM to horrble hoaxing... : ) 

    Brutal Mario Started in 2005, I believe. But the first demo we known was release in 2008.. That was demo 7 Carol  was active on SMWC, and with his Gmail. He also made a Addmusic, and Overworld sprite tool..Later on he made Chaap Demo (7.5) was released in 2009...I may be wrong(please correct me if I am.. This was the last big demo and is my favrite demo.. It starts you off in the special world, have wonderful custom music, and the level design have improve in the speical world.. 

    After Cheap Demo, the "Broken Era" has begun.. And by that, I mean all demos after Cheap Demo are broken in…

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  • Theonesuperx

    Hello,guys. I am here to telll you about an ugly site...SMWCentral. I was once part of that site..And I will admit..It is a good site to go to to get resources to make SMW Hacks, SM64 hacks, NSMB wii hacks and even YI Hacks,but I wouldn't really say it is the best site to join.

    When I was on the site, I was working on a team project, Dark Side of the Kingdom,but it got cancelled. My team slowly feel apart.. And the new leader got lazy and wouldn't give me the base ROM to work on it.(It had quite a few levels.) But he was still able to work on other hacks.. >_<   But I won't be gong back anytime soon to hacking.. Also, doing those Brutal Mario Hoaxes. When I thought Test your skill was real, it seems the staff really enjoyed disporving the d…

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  • Theonesuperx

    It seems that my friend have contact with Carol on Skype. How do I know? Well, he told me and he showed me In real life. I think he is joking ,but who knows. He said that this carol don't want anyone to know about him,but I would like to get some answers.

    My friend on Skype is the funky man. you can get Skype here.(

    My friend don't even ask him or care about Brutal Mario it seems, so if it is the real Carol, I can see why.

    My Skype is Theonesuperx.. I guess this is worth giving a shot, if not then a other hoax to count. (I think it a fake.)

    Also he showed me his Skype and I show a user name Carol in his contacts.

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  • Theonesuperx

    It seems that Carol is still working on Brutal Mario. A friend told me this.

    "I talk to carol once or twice every year, and I did in january and he said it's going slow because he has IRL stuff"

    That was this Year January too.

    So I will put this project to a close because Carol is still working on his Brutal Mario. I don't the two BM to have a problem with each other.

    If you guys want, I can start making a original fan game. Would you like if I do that with all the levels idea I had in mind for the Unofficial Brutal Mario?

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  • Theonesuperx

    I been looking for a ASM programmer for Brutal Mario. We have good version of Brutal Mario,but I our version needs some more to feel like a completed game.Also a ASM programmer could help us make the ultimate one part ROM.(have to play Brutal Mario in different ROMs don't feel right to me. Playing it in one ROM would feel like a epic Adventure.)

    Here I would list what The Unofficial Brutal Mario needs.

    1.All bosses from all version in one rom *Plus making very good replica of bosses like Seven Heros, FF6 star boss plus incomplete boss like Peach/Goddess Peach and Luigi.

    2.Make new bosses for Luigi World Manily. If star world needs level, we can add them too, but focus on Luigi World.

    3.Luigi Castle needs to be like Bowser Castle. Long with man…

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