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  • SirArsenN

    Okay, I have some news on Brutal Mario. First off, i'm done beta testing, for now. In about 2-3 months from now, i'll re-continue my testing, by that time I will most likely have another version to test. Second, this will be the update hub for, as the title says, Brutal Mario's current and later states. There will be a section in this... section, where I will write what i'm allowed to, update-wise, from Carol. There's also going to be another section in this section, where you guys, the community, can write what you find and if there are any current updates for the game, at least for the public.

    I will also answer questions.

    • The time gap for Brutal Mario's release was originally 2015-2020, it is now 2015-2017.
    • Currently, all testing has stopp…

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  • SirArsenN


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