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  • Jarofrods

    Woahs, it's gonna be a long time until Brutal Mario is finished; probably not until 2020. All aboard the BM hype train! Choo Choo!

    I liked Thirteen1355's blog on game series to play while waiting for BM, and I wanted to make something similar. But for my blog, I want to do top Mario hacks and fan games. Whether they are amazing or just eye-catching (in my opinion at least) , I hope you check them out!

    Also, if you have some hacks you like, write them in the comments.

    VIP Mario is series of five (soon to be six) rom hacks made by members of 2chan, one of them being Carol. Unlike the ASM gameplay of Brutal Mario, VIP Mario focuses more on vanilla and clever game design. It has a lot of Japanese references and puns. At first glance it seemingly …

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  • Jarofrods

    New Super Mario Bros. U and Brutal Mario have got some interesting similarities:

    1. The boss order of the Koopalings in both games is very close:

    • NSMBU: Lemmy, Morton, Wendy, Larry, Iggy, Roy, Ludwig
    • BM: Lemmy, Morton, Wendy, Iggy, Larry, Roy, Ludwig

    With the exception of Larry and Iggy, they are nearly identical. Also in my opinion, the Koopalings in NSMBU have a unique set of attacks compared to previous games, much like how BM's Koopalings are unique to SMW's.

    2. NSMBU takes a lot of inspiration from SMW:

    • The sideways mountains in the first world
    • Baby Yoshis were brought back, albeit they can't grow into adults, as well they have new abilities
    • Torpedo Teds, Bony Beetles, Twimps, and Sumo Brothers, who were originally exclusive to SMW, were broug…
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  • Jarofrods

    Art Page

    November 2, 2015 by Jarofrods

    Post your BM fanart here!

    I made a blog for Brutal Mario! I'll also be posting art and other things there. Go check it out!

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  • Jarofrods

    Why do you love Brutal Mario? Write your reasons in the comments below! Here's why I love the game:

    December 25th, 2011. It's Christmas. Presents were allotted out. I had gotten new video games: Scribblenauts, Super Mario Galaxy, Super Paper Mario. But I was introduced to a special game: Super Mario World, for the Wii's virtual console.

    I had loved it. Super Mario World was a whole new experience. Everything about the game is amazing. The levels, the gameplay, the adventure. My favorite part is the secrets hidden throughout the game, one of the best leading to the Star World. The game was extremely fun, and it's my favorite 2D Mario game, maybe even best Mario game period!

    Late April, 2012. Around this time I learned about SMW rom hacks, and I was i…

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  • Jarofrods

    I would like to become an admin for Brutal Mario Wiki. The only admin on this wiki (SpaghettiGuy3) hasn't been on this wiki for some years now, so I want to take charge. When I become an admin, I would helped improve Brutal Mario Wiki greatly. I have studied a lot into the game, and I think my information will be very useful. I would work very hard on this wiki. I've already worked a lot on it, and when I become an admin, I could even more on the wiki. So what do you think?

    Thanks to everyone who said yes!

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