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    How I met Brutal Mario

    December 17, 2015 by Gabriel.L1234

    Hey guys! I'm here to tell how I met Brutal Mario.

    The year was 2012, I was searching for some Mario stuff and I saw a really strange Japanese video: Mario with a strange monster (7 koopalings) and when I watched the video I said "THIS IS IMPOSSIBLE TO RECRIETE IN FLASH, GAME MAKER OR IN A SMW HACK!!" And I never forgot that thing and that song.

    In 2014, I saw the same monster again in this video:

    This video had commentary: "Super Kitiku Mario".

    I searched more for the hack and I was fascinated by the hack.

    I played all the demo 7 but I was still searching by others demos.

    I founded the demo 7.5 but I hated it. The demo was so poor and just has some levels and just it. 

    And I found this video: https://w…

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