Twin Lifts (ふたごリフト / Futago Rifuto) is the fifth level of World 6. A night level, this is the level after Really Big Jump.

This level has a secret exit, and is a secret level itself.

The LevelEdit

As the name implies, the level has 2 lifts. Be careful, as each lift may lead you to the wrong path. The lifts go up. Warning, if you miss the lift, you will have to restart the level again, as the lifts cannot return again.

Secret ExitEdit

At the eight splitway, jump down to the right path carefully and you'll found a key. Use the spring above to jump out. Then, turn left and you'll see three Chargin' Chucks. They are the guide to the key. Pass them by, and fall down to the keyhole.

Dragon CoinsEdit

There are no Dragon Coins in this level.


  1. Mucher
  2. Chargin' Chuck
  3. Chainsaw
  4. Red Paratroopa
  5. Amazing Flyin' Hammer Bro.
  6. Yellow Paratroopa


The graphics came from Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island and as well as Super Mario World. The background is from the Snes game The Lion King.


"Grape Garden" from Kirby's Adventure is played throughout the level.

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