• With the Chrono Trigger's Graphics (Part 1).
  • With the Chrono Trigger's Graphics (Part 2).
The Summit is the seventh world that Mario encounters, and the last world on the over world map.


It's located on the top of a mountain, it has 9 levels, 10 exits, a Fort, a Warp Star and a castle where Ludwig resides.


  1. Northern Resort
  2. Frozen Cave
  3. Gourmet Boo
  4. Warning - Christmas
  5. What Matches a Key?
  6. Mario's Attack
  7. Ludwig's Castle

Secret LevelsEdit

  1. Four-Color Fort
  2. Mario's Item Theft

Graphics & MusicEdit

This portion of the overworld uses graphics from the 12000 BC (Antiquity) map from Chrono Trigger. The entrance to World 8 uses the overworld graphic of the KAOS Kore from Donkey Kong Country 3

The music playing in the World 8 map is "Aurora" from Romancing SaGa 3.

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