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Squawks Ride, Iggy's Castle, Forest Star


Donkey Kong Country 2

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Iggy Koopa

Squawks is an animal friend and the first boss of Iggy's Castle. He is the fourteenth boss fought in the game.


Squawks originated from Donkey Kong Country 2, and would help Diddy Kong navigate through the level.


Squawks RideEdit

Squawks first appearance would be in Squawks Ride. He would helped Mario traverse trough the stage. He can also shoot nuts at enemies.

Iggy's CastleEdit

During the first portion of the level, Squawk shines a flashlight to help guide Mario. But later, he would betray Mario, and then challenges him.

Forest StarEdit

Squawks would later appear in Forest Star, a more challenging level. He apparently makes up with Mario.

In BattleEdit

Squawks just shoots two nuts, and then makes a dive towards you. You only have to jump on him once to defeat him.


  • In the hoax RestL, he made a level called Hot Head Bop. In this level, you had to fly with Squawks once again. But the creator of this hoax didn't know how to make Squawks shoot nuts, as his knowledge of ASM is low. The excuse for this was that Luigi stole his power of shooting nuts.

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