• The Special World (original)
  • The Special World (Kirby and the Amazing Mirror graphics)

The Special World is the second bonus world of the game. It is unlocked after beating the Star World. The Special World can only be accessed through the Special Warp Star.


The Special World consists of eight levels. In demoOnly1, the special world seems to take place in some sort of strange icy dimension.

Even though it's a bonus world, if the player beats End of Special Zone, Yoshi's House will change to Rescue Yoshi. Beating that level will allow the player to access Luigi's World's Middle Path.

Levels Edit

Graphics & Music Edit

The Special World's graphics are from Kirby and the Amazing Mirror, to be more specific, the background in the indoor sections of Peppermint Palace. There are also sprites that appear when Mario walks on a level dot.

Athletic Special has Baseball Guys (from Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island), Ghost Special has Kackle (from Donkey Kong Country 2), Aquatic Special has Mario swimming away from a Porcu-Puffer, Baby Yoshi Hill has baby Yoshies, Milky Way Wishes has Kirby riding a Warp Star (from the intro cinematic of Kirby Super Star), Twinbee Special has Twinbee hovering (sprites from Pop'n Twinbee: Rainbow Bell Adventures), Wily's Revenge has Roll (from Mega Man's ending in Mega Man & Bass) and End of Special Zone has Uminin (sprites from Cho Aniki: Bakuretsu Rantou-Hen).

The music used in this world is "Opening of a Journey" from SaGa Frontier.

Prototype VersionEdit


The original Special World.

In Demo 7, the Special World was similar to the Star World; it was in the shape of an X and also consisted of eight levels. This world was still in very early stages, so none of the levels were complete.

Levels Edit

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