Special Warp Star
Special Star
Mario being fired by a Launch Star (Demo 7.5).

Japanese Name:

スペシャルスター/Supesharu Suta


Star Road.

Previous Level:

Valley Star.

Next Level:

Athletic Special / Ghost Special / Aquatic Special.

Alternate Level:



Infinite Star power-up at start, Launch Stars from Super Mario Galaxy.


??? / Koopa Troopa, Paratroopa.


Star Boss (Unfinished).

Power-Ups & Items:

Wing Cap, Metal Cap, Vanish Cap


Demo 7 (Hacking / Cheating), Demo 7.5 (Hacking).

Special Warp Star (スペシャルスター / Supesharu Suta. Lit: "Special Star") is the final Star World level. Beating this level turns it into a Warp Star leading to the Special Zone.

The LevelEdit

Demo 7Edit

Yoshi CoinsEdit

Yoshi Coin 1Edit
​Yoshi Coin 2Edit
​Yoshi Coin 3Edit
​Yoshi Coin 4Edit
​Yoshi Coin 5Edit


Demo 7.5Edit

In the Demo 7.5, the level is sort of a trivial level (first two sections). In the first section, Mario has unlimited star power and there are lots of Launch Stars from Super Mario Galaxy, Mario gets a large amount of lives hitting the many enemies. In the second section, Mario starts being shooted from the botton edge of the level, you can't move while being shooted, or else you will not make it until the solid platform. There are three doors that leads to weird rooms with some sort of Item that cannot be picked up, but you can press the ON / OFF switch to make it fall on lava and teleport Mario to outside of the room, and the collectible version of the item will appear there too, at the end there is a big boss door that leads to the Star Boss, which is unfinished.

Yoshi CoinsEdit

Yoshi Coin 1Edit

After 2 Yellow Koopa Troopas, you have to jump to get it.

​Yoshi Coin 2Edit

In the shooting trajectory of some Launch Stars.

​Yoshi Coin 3Edit

In a wall with a triangle, close to a Launch Star.

​Yoshi Coin 4Edit

Close to the third one, on the way of the Launch Stars.

​Yoshi Coin 5Edit

Just after the Midway Point, between 2 Launch Stars.


  • Koopa Troopa
  • Paratroopa


This level uses graphics from Kirby's Adventure for the background and custom drawn for the foreground, the Launch Stars' graphics are from Super Mario Galaxy.


The custom music used in this level is BGM 30 (7A in demoOnly1): "Slide" from Super Mario 64. The music that plays when battling the Star Boss is BGM 39 (98 in demoOnly1): "Go! Go! Kids!" from Treasure Hunter G.

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