• Part 1 (Chrono Trigger's GFX).
  • Part 2 (Chrono Trigger's GFX).
The Plains are the fifth World of Brutal Mario. The World is situated on the mountainside.


This World is located on a high cliff on the big mountain that is the setting of the game. 


There are 11 levels, with 2 fortresses, a ghost house, a star warp and a castle.

Secret levelsEdit

Scrapped levelsEdit

Skies, Beach, Sun (Scrapped since Demo 7.5)

Rickety Race (Put into the Special World since Demo 7.5, now called Ghost Special)

Graphics & MusicEdit

In DemoOnly1, this Overworld uses graphics from Chrono Trigger's Overworld map. This Overworld has the "Peaceful Days" theme from Chrono Trigger.

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