Mechabonbie & Lakitoad
Mario engaged in the fight between the duo




Rescue Yoshi


Super Momotarou Dentetsu DX

Previous Boss

Dr. Wily/Dangling Ghost/Marx Kirby

Next Boss


Mechabonbie and Lakitoad are a duo Mario fights in Rescue Yoshi.


In BattleEdit

At the end of the level, MechaBonbie appears, ranting in curently untranslated Japanese diolouge. For his first attack, he throws a number of 6-faced dice varying from 1-5 depending on the number of hits he has recieved. The numbers that the dice lands on makes corresponding tiles on the floor disapear, meaning death for a player who is not watching closely. After throwing the dice, the MechaBonbie shoots rockets at the player, and you have to jump on them in order to get high enough to hit the Lakitoad, who then falls down on MechaBonbie. After hitting the Lakitoad five times, he falls down and kills MechBonbie and himself. MechaBonbie's head flies off and lands near Mario, ending the level.

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