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MM7 Wily Capsule is a boss that appears in The Future of UFOs. He is one one the three Wily bosses, and the 29th boss fought in the game.


Dr. Wily is the main antagonist from The Megaman Series. This boss fight is specifically from Mega Man 7, the final boss fight.

In BattleEdit

Wily teleports around the room, and will fire four energy orbs, each color varying:

  • Yellow hurts Mario
  • Blue freezes Mario
  • Red prevents Mario from using the leaf shield temporarily

Sometimes after firing the orbs, he will fire big electrical balls that will sweep the ground.


The only way to hurt the capsule is to use the leaf shield. Several hits should destroy his capsule. Watch out for his orbs, they are hardest to avoid when he's centered in the room. Watch out that he also doesn't tele-fragg you; he will never teleport on the ground in the center.

Sadly, this Wily is a decoy.

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