If you have seen a video of demoOnly1, you will probably have noticed in the upper left corner, where your lives are indicated, that there is a "LV1" right under the lives indicator.

Could this mean that Carol is working on some sort of leveling system? Probably, but how would this kind of leveling system "work"?

Looking at the Shinryuu & Omega boss battle and the 7 koopalings boss battle, my theory is that this leveling system is like any other JRPG: As you kill enemies, you gradually level up and do more damage. Heck, you might even learn skills as it goes along, similar to the skills in the 7 koopalings boss.

But to incorporate such a feature in the game, wouldn't that mean that all enemies have a set HP? Also, how could Carol make it so that the theoretical skills system doesn't seem overpowered and also make it so that most of the classical platforming of SMW doesn't get overshadowed by it?

Either way, please post your theories below on what that "LV1" could mean.

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