Lemmy Koopa
Lemmy Boss (Remade)
Mario facing off against Lemmy Koopa (in demoOnly1).




Lemmy the Hikikomori


Super Mario Bros. 3

Previous Boss:

Shy Guy

Next Boss:

Big Boo

Lemmy Koopa is the second boss of Lemmy the Hikikomori. He is the first Koopaling and the second boss fought in the game.


Lemmy is one of the seven Koopalings from Super Mario Bros. 3. Lemmy Koopa loves the circus, and would rather join them than work for the forces of evil. However, he still stays loyal to Bowser.

In BattleEdit

Demo 7Edit


Lemmy Koopa in Demo 7

Like in many other Mario games, Lemmy's strategy is to throw circus balls at Mario. If Lemmy takes a hit, he goes into his shell, and jumps rapidly towards Mario.


The player has to jump on Lemmy's head to deal damage. When he goes into his shell, stand still. When doing this, Lemmy will jump in an arc around the player and won't be able to hit them. Jump on Lemmy five times, and he will be defeated.


In demoOnly1, Lemmy will be on a large energy orb. He will throw several circus balls at Mario, then, will roll to the other side, in an attempt to crush Mario.


One of the circus balls Lemmy throws will be blue. If the player jumps on it, it will become throwable. Throw the circus ball at the energy orb. The orb will then start to shrink. Hit Lemmy's orb four times, and he will be defeated. Then, the player will be showered in a multitude of colored coins. Alsom to avoid getting crushed, duck into the samll space in the middle of the floor.


  • What's interesting to note, is that the player doesn't actually defeat Lemmy. After delivering the final blow, Lemmy will go into his shell, and escape. Four other Koopalings also do this: Wendy, Iggy, Roy, and Ludwig. This foreshadows their coming together to form the Seven Koopalings fight later in the game.
  • The giant rubber ball's graphics are a spell graphic from Romancing SaGa 3.

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