Larry Koopa
Larry & Mana Beast
Mario sqauring off with Larry and Mana Beast




Larry's Castle


Super Mario Bros. 3

Previous Boss

Big Boo 2

Next Boss

Yellow Devil MKII

Larry Koopa is a boss fought in Larry's Castle. He is the fifth Koopaling fought, and the 20th boss fought in the game.


Larry is one of the seven Koopalings.

In BattleEdit

This time, Larry gets help from the Mana Beast, a powerful entity from Secret of Mana. The Mana Beast has a few different attacks:

  • Spews arching flames
  • Fires a powerful blast
  • When he ascends, he drops lightning on the platform Mario's standing on

Larry, on the other hand, does nothing, only simply bobbing his head from the beast, watching him unleash havoc on Mario.


The Mana Beast is indestructible. Larry, however, not so much. When he pops his head head, this gives an opportunity to jump on him. Be careful not to fall. After three hits Larry will fall down to earth again.


It's got a day cycle :D

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