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King Dedede
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King Dedede is a villain and boss that appears in Dedede's Sky Castle. It is the 26th boss fought in the game.


He is the king of Dreamland, and is the arch nemesis of Kirby. He comes up with lots of schemes, most of them foiled by Kirby. Sometimes though they'll team up to stop a greater evil.

In BattleEdit

Like the other Kirby fights, Dedede's much similar to the original. His attacks include:

  • Charging towards Mario and tripping
  • Doing a high jump and slamming into the ground
  • Whacking Mario with his hammer
  • Puffing up and fly like kirby, then puff out air


You just need to hit him on his head, specifically when he trips and lands after a jump. Eight or nine hits should do the trick.

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