Journey's Beginning was the original first level of Brutal Mario. It was scrapped since Demo 1-1.

Layout Edit

When you first enter the level, you will see some Koopas and a grassy platform above. On the platform, there is a ? block with a Super Mushroom inside that can be accessed by throwing a Koopa's shell at it. There is also a dragon coin beside the platform. Then, you will see some pipes and Rexes. A little further on, you will see some Paratroopas and some turn blocks on a pipe. Jump inside the pipe and you will be shot out another into the second dragon coin. Straight after this, you will see the midway gate. Walk a little, and you will find a pipe. Go inside, and there will be a small pyramid of ? blocks. In the top bock, there is a P switch. Bring it out with you, and after activating it, jump to the top block beside the pipe for the third dragon coin. Then, quickly run to the right to find that a Super Star has been set free. Grab it, an you can achieve multiple 1-ups by killing nearby Chargin' Chucks and Banzai Bills. Later, you will find a platform made of turn blocks. The fourth dragon coin is up there, nearby a Chargin' Chuck and a Banzai Bill, easily grabbed with the Super Star from earlier. Keep running, and you will find multiple Paratroopas and Rexes. Then, you will see a pipe with a triangle. Run up the pipe to get the final dragon coin and jump into the goal to complete the level.

Gallery Edit

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