Boss's Name
Iggy the Crazy
Mario squaring off against Iggy.




Iggy the Demented


Super Mario World

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Dumb Drum

Iggy Koopa is a boss that appears in Iggy the Demented. It is the second boss fought in the castle, and the 14th boss fought in the game.


Iggy Koopa is one of the seven Koopalings, and is the craziest of them.

In BattleEdit

Iggy Koopa has the behavior of a magikoopa. He will fire magic towards Mario; if the magic hits a yellow block, the block will transform into a yellow koopa. After getting hit once, he will fire a podoboo, and after two hits, he'll cast another.


The player must guide the magic into the blocks in order to get a koopa to spawn. Use three shells on Igy and he will be defeated.


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