This is a page detailing the many hoaxes regarding Carol and Brutal Mario, mostly happening in this wiki and a few websites related to SMW hacking.

List of HoaxesEdit

The Account HackingEdit

In January 2014, someone hacked into Carol's SMWCentral account and, pretending to be him, made a thread about finishing Brutal Mario, including fake screenshots, such as a shoot 'em up-styled boss.

The impersonator also created accounts with the name "Carol" on various websites, such as raocow's Talkhaus (where he went by carol151). However, some days later, the thread was deleted, and Carol's account was disabled to prevent further trouble.

Afterwards, the impersonator created another account on SMW Central, with the name of "TheGuyWhoDoesNothing", but later he was discovered and was IP Banned from SMW Central.

He later created another account in Talkhaus, with the name of "Apology," to apologize for what he did.

Demo 9.5 Edit

See Demo 9.5 article.

Fake EXTRA Edit

In January or February 2014, a user claiming to be EXTRA (the maker of Super Mario LD, another Japanese SMW hack) posted a video on Youtube showing a level called "Hell Mountain", saying that he was working with Carol to complete the hack. He was discovered to be another hoaxer when Cheat-Master30 got an email response from Carol saying that it wasn't true.

Hell Mountain is also just gameplay footage of Super Mario LD, namely the first half of Fire Rope Crevace (ファイヤーロープ クレバス) and the second half of Crush Tower (クラッシュ タワー) edited to look like they're one level.

This mockup was also revealed by this so-called "EXTRA", which happens to be quite similar to the Demo 9.5 mockups.

Skill.ips & restL.ipsEdit

In May 2014, a wiki user called Areaofdoom created a article called "Skill.ips & restL.ips", saying that they were two upcoming demos.

Later, an Imgur user called WHODIDYOUTHINKITWAS uploaded some screenshots of the Hot Head Bop level of the restL Demo. The same user also said that he was working with Carol, providing feedback and translating the hack to perfect english.

He only was discovered because his IP Address matched TheGuyWhoDoesNothing's and because his "translation" was just Thirteen1335's level names, in other words, not an actual translation.

Astronomic Disaster Edit

In early June 2014, an update to the VIP and Wall and Alaska Mix 6 baserom was uploaded, featuring a new level named ASTRONOMIC DISASTER (in all caps). According to a readme included in it, the stage was supposedly Carol's. The stage was of a harder difficulty, compared to Carol's stages, an average platforming stage with a few custom sprites (upside-down Thwomps, Pansers...), HDMA and a Piranha Plant boss.

It used graphics from SMWCentral: the castle foreground from Yoshi's Island (ripped by Rykon-V73) and space background from Illusion of Gaia (ripped by Lou). The music was from SMWC as well: Halberd Warship from Kirby Super Star (ported by MidiGuy) and the World 5 music from Super Bomberman 4 (ported by Joey).

It was later replaced in the next baserom with a level by an anon on 2ch, titled "わぁい!" (Waai!).

The fake level was mostly ignored, due to very few people noticing it, until September 2014 when CM30 emailed Carol about it. His response was "Another person has made it.I don’t join VIP6 project.".


The Piranha Boss of Astronomic Disaster.



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