Haunt-idiot Mansion
Four-Room House
Mario evades a Fishin' Boo.


World 4: Cave


★★★☆☆ (3/5, Normal)

Secret Exit?:

Yes, to Mirror Fort.

Previous Level:

The World! Stop Time!

Next Level:

Squawks Ride

Stage Gimmick:

Puzzle stage.


Boo, Eerie, Koopa Troopa, Fishin' Boo


Big Boo

Power-Ups & Items:

Super Mushroom, Fire Flower, Feather


Demo 6, Demo 6.5, Demo 7

Haunt-idiot Mansion is the third level of World 4 and the second Ghost House in the game. It was scrapped starting with the 1-1 demo, replaced with an in-progress stage titled Horror House.

Level overviewEdit

As the level starts, go right, avoiding the spikes and the pit and hit the turn blocks for some powerups. Go back and go up the stairs at the start. Follow the path and jump down the pit, avoiding the spikes. Proceed further right and go in the door.

Enter the door at the bottom right corner. Head to the right, dodging the enemies, you'll come to a P-Switch at the end. Carry the P-Switch back to the start and hit it. Go in the blue door, in the other side, carry the P-Switch along with you as you go through the pipe.

Take the P-Switch to the upper right corner. Hit it to release the Koopa. Take its shell and carry it through the pipe in the center. Hurl the shell through the spiky niche to break the brick blocks. Jump down through the pit that was now opened and head right to find a door. You'll find the exit in the other side

Secret Exit Edit

Follow the normal exit's walkthrough up until the brick block room. Make sure you hit the On-Off switch, then go back to the previous room and go to the upper left corner. Enter the door you find.

You'll find a Big Boo and three items to throw at it: A silver P-Switch, a Key and a Koopa.

Asset Sources Edit


The level uses the original Ghost House tileset from Super Mario World.

Music Edit

The custom music used in this level is Leonid's Castle from Romancing SaGa 3.

The Big Boo battle uses Go! Go! Kids! from Treasure Hunter G.

Level Names Edit

Version Name
Japanese おばかやしき (Obaka Yashiki)

Haunt-idiot Mansion

Demo 7 English patch Four-Room House

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