The Dragon Emperor

Hall of Dragons (ドラゴンズホール / Doragonzuhōru. Lit: Dragon's Hole) is the fourth level in Bowser's Valley.


The Hall of Dragons is a long, hard level. You are equipped with a cape, and a health bar. (The cape doesn't disappear when you're hit, but the bar depletes) You start outside. You walk on a path that leads to the Lair of Dragons. Inside, you have to find your way. The level is filled with strong enemies from Seiken Densetsu 3. When you are outside once again, you find yourself at a temple, the Dragon Temple. Here you fight the Dragon Emperor , one of the three main officers of Bowser, and one of the three final bosses of Seiken Densetsu 3. 

After the battleEdit

Defeating the Emperor grants you access to the next officer's lair: The Mirage Palace , home of Dark Lich, and a few other bosses. 

Bugs Edit

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