Green Switch Palace (みどりスイッチきゅうでん Midori suitchi kyūden) is the fourth level of World 5. Like the other switch palaces, it contains a simple block puzzle. 

This level is found by beating the secret level Fear of Monday .

The Level Edit

The level is a puzzle, when switched, all the boxes with green outlines will become green boxes. It can NEVER be unswitched if switched already. This is the third switch palace introduced in the game.

Puzzle SolutionEdit

Hit block # 3 first, then block # 3 again on the other side, then block # 1, then block # 3 again, then block # 4, then block # 3 again, then block # 2 , and finally block # 1.


This level uses the Switch Palace graphics from Super Mario World.


Treasure Hunter G's "BGM 31: Go Red Team! Go White Team! Rah Rah Rah!" is played throughout the level.

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