World 1 - Grasslands

The grasslands(そうげん, sougen) are the first world on Kitiku Island. It consists of 8 levels: five normal levels, one castle, the Blue Switch Palace and Yoshi's House.


The grasslands are very small compared to other worlds on Kitiku Island. It is a small meadow with a beach on the south side and a plateau on the east side. Yoshi's House is located in the center and Lemmy's Castle is on the plateau.


Secret LevelsEdit

Scrapped LevelsEdit


Graphics & MusicEdit

The overworld uses graphics from several of Chrono Trigger's world maps, with the mountain's cliffside using graphics from the 65000000 BC (Prehistory) map, the World number signs using the tablet graphics (that point out the time period Crono and his party are at), and the remainder of the graphics coming from the 1000 AD (Present) map.

The Overworld uses Peaceful Days from Chrono Trigger as its background music.


  • This World has the second least amount of bosses out of all 11 Worlds, only having two: Lemmy and the Shy Guy. The one with the least is the Star World, which only has one.

Gallery Edit

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