Dumb Drum
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Donkey Kong Country

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Dumb Drum is the main boss of Fort of Gravity and the sixteenth boss fought in the game.


Dumb Drum is a boss from the Donkey Kong Country Series, who guards a stash of bananas from DK.


Dumb Drum begins by heading up and down in random places, in attemp to stomp Mario. Every once in awhile, he'll stop for a moment and toss out enemies. After those enemies are defeated, he will start stomping faster. He'll repeat the process a few more times.

After a while, Dumb Drum will stop stomping and starting sliding on the floor, left and right, gradually increasing in speed. Eventually, he'll drop a pair of Cheep-Cheeps, and then drop.

As long as the player can outlast Dumb Drum and his baddies, the battle should be won.

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