Dragon Emperor
Dragon Emperor
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Seiken Desetsu 3

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Dragon Emperor is a boss in Brutal Mario (also known as the final boss of Demo 7) he is in Bowser's Valley. He appears in the Hall of Dragons.


Dragon Emperor (human)

The Dragon Emperor in his human body (Seiken Densetsu 3)

The Dragon Emperor is from Seiken Densetsu 3 (Secret Of Mana 2). Dragon Emperor was one of the main bosses in Seiken Densetsu 3 (Secret Of Mana 2). He was one of the four Guardian Dragons, but betrayed the others in search of power for himself. As punishment, the other three Dragons imprisoned his soul in a human body. The Dragon Emperor searches for the Mana Tree, to get his body and power back, and grow even more powerful.

In BattleEdit

He is one of the more difficult bosses. He tries to it Mario by bashing his head towards him. He also has a diverse mounts of moves:

  • When he is blue, He summons giant hail to storm down on Mario
  • When he turns yellow, he fires a lighting bolt that splits into two. Note the small hole it makes the first time he uses this attack.
  • When he turns red, he casts fire down on Mario, and tries to suck in Mario.
  • When he turns green, he fires a laser that spans the floor.
  • When he goes off screen, he goes to the side and spews a gigantic blast that takes up the whole screen.


When The Dragon Emperor attempts to bash you, this is when you can jump on him. It takes some patience and carefulness to kill him.

Also, when he goes off screen, goes into the small hole the lightning created to avoid the blast.

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