Doctor Wily is the main antagonist of Capcom's Mega Man series. He is the archetype evil scientist, bent on ruling the world with an army of self-made war robots. His many plans were always thwarted by Mega Man, the creation of his nemesis Doctor Light.

Dr Wily

Doctor Wily, the evil scientist

In Brutal MarioEdit

MM7 Wily MachineEdit

The first time Mario fights Wily is in The Future of UFOs. He is a secret boss only discovered by entering the red UFO. After an intense fight, Mario is victor, but its revealed that the Wily was a fake.

Wily Machine/MM8 Wily MachineEdit

Te next two boss fights would be in Wily's Revenge. After making way through the tower, Mario fights the Wily Machine. After that, Wily takes one last stance with another capsule. But in the end, Mario is victor, and the scientist surrenders.

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