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Dedede's Sky Castle
Mario invading Dedede's castle

Japanese name

ふううんデデデじょう  Fuuun Dedede Jou



Previous Level

Twin Lifts

Next Level

Warp Star

Alternate Level



Custom Kirby enemies and bosses


Waddle Dee, Poppy Bros. Jr., Gordo


Wispy Woods, Kracko, King Dedede, Kirby

Power-Ups & Items

Mushroom, Fireflower, Cape Feather


Demo 7 and above

Dedede's Sky Castle (ふううんデデデじょう  Fuuun Dedede Jou) is the sixth level of World 6. A Kirby reference level, this is the second fort introduced in World 6.

The LevelEdit

This level takes place in Dedede's castle. Mario faces against Dedede's henchmen and friends Wispy Woods and Kracko. The UFOs return once again, but if you have the switch palace pressed, it will be a spring breeze.

Dragon CoinsEdit

They're all at the Boss Path


  1. Waddle Dee
  2. Poppy Bros. Jr.
  3. Gordo
  4. UFO


The tiles and graphics came from Kirby Super Star


Strangely, the Mega Man "Stage Select" theme is played throughout the level. This was likely not meant to be, however.


  • This level is based on Dedede's castle from Kirby Super Star. But beacuse there was no full castle level in the original game, it is most likely based on the one from the redux.

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