Chomp Shark
Chomp Shark (Sky)
Mario fighting Chomp Shark.




Careful! Lightning!


Yoshi's Island

Previous Boss

Yellow Devil MKII

Next Boss

Giant Wiggler

Chomp Shark is a boss in Careful! Lightning'(As well Athletic Special). He is the 22nd boss fought in the game.


Chomp Shark was a boss from Yoshi's Island, and shares a resemblance to the original boss.

In BattleEdit

Chomp Shark will fire a Banzai Bill, then giant Koopa Troopas. When he gets hit, he bounces to the other side of the screen, then proceeds to9 go offscreen and try and crush Mario. After two hits, he constantly bounces.


Just hit the shells back at Chomp Shark and he will be defeated.

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