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About the Wiki

Brutal Mario Wiki is an online encyclopedia of everything about Carol's hack, Super Kitiku World, or Brutal Mario to the west. Wiki-wordmark1


More levels are being remade! So far, Lemmy's Castle, 4-3 and 5-5 are confirmed to have entered development as of the new demo.

Waiting for BM's release? Check out Thirteen1355's blog and Jarofrods' blog!

Did you Know?
  • Brutal Mario has several different demos? The one at SMWCentral isn't the only one!
  • Carol also worked on some of the VIP and Wall Mix collabs? They've contributed quite a few stages and bosses!
  • The Seven Koopalings boss isn't the final boss of Brutal Mario? You'll be surprised at who the true end boss really is!
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