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The seven Koopalings,coming together to morph.
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Bosses are especially powerful enemies that will be found in certain rooms on several of the levels. Brutal Mario is well known for its large amount of bosses, most of which come from different games. In all the versions of Brutal Mario thee are said to be 72 bosses that have been accessable at some point.

Current List of Bosses:Edit

(Numbered battles are functioning bosses that are accessable at some point in any demo without hacking)

An asterisk* at an unnumbered boss means that that boss is dysfunctional or incomplete.

Spaces separate the differant levels the boses are in.

The GrasslandEdit

World 2 (Forest)Edit

  1. Big Boo Boss
  2. Big Boo Boss (Boom-Boom scrapped in Super Kitiku Mario)
  3. Mecha Mario
  4. Morton the Neat (Morton Koopa Jr.)

World 3 (Sea)Edit

  1. Mammon Machine (Majinki)
  2. Captain K. Rool
  3. Xan Bie
  4. Wendy the Girl (Wendy O. Koopa)

World 4 (Cave)Edit

  1. Big Boo Boss
  2. Boom-Boom
  3. Squawks
  4. Iggy the Crazy (Iggy Koopa) 

World 5 (Plains)Edit

  1. Pumpkin Bombs
  2. Dumb Drum
  3. Black Omen [only accessable in Super Kitiku Mario (Boss) ]
  4. Shinryu [only accessable in Super Kitiku Mario (Boss) ]
  5. Omega [only accessable in Super Kitiku Mario (Boss) ]
  6. False Bowser
  7. Doom Wall
  8. Big Boo Boss (YI)
  9. Larry & Mana Beast (Larry Koopa)

World 6 (Sky)Edit

  1. Yellow Devil
  2. Chomp Shark 
  3. Giant Wiggler
  4. Dr. Wily Dummy
  5. Wispy Woods
  6. Kracko
  7. King Dedede
  8. Kirby
  9. "Big Bad" Kirby
  10. Koopa Bros.
  11. Roy the Crafty (Roy Koopa)

World 7 (Ice)Edit

  1. Lightgazer
  2. Zable Fahr
  3. Ring Man
  4. Ludwig (Ludwig Von Koopa) 
  5. Demon Wall

World 8 (Bowser)Edit

  1. Generator
  2. Meta-Knight
  3. Ultima
  4. Carmilla Queen
  5. Archdemon
  6. Black Rabite
  7. Dragon Emperor
  8. Gorva
  9. Dark Lich
  10. Lady Bow
  11. Giant Ninji
  12. Giant Mecha-Koopa
  13. Naval Piranha
  14. Moon
  15. Baby Bowser
  16. Wendy* (as Layer 2 image) [created in Super Kitiku Mario, scrapped Super Kitkiu Mario (Final Boss)]
  17. Bowser [previous version where he didn't throw hammers was scrapped in Super Kitiku Mario (Final Boss)]
  18. Seven Heros (disfunctional until Super Kitiku Mario (Final Boss)]
  19. Bowser (optional second-phase)
  20. Goddess Toadstool* [accessable only in Super Kitiku Mario (Boss)]

Star WorldEdit

  1. Star (Boss)*

Special WorldEdit

  1. Chomp Shark
  2. Pengulum Ghost
  3. Nova (Heart of Nova in Brutal Mario, scapped in Super Kitiku Mario)
  4. Marx (older version Demo 6/6.5, disfunctional Brutal Mario)
  5. Marx Kirby
  6. Quint
  7. Mecha Dragon
  8. Doc Robot Cold Man
  9. Doc Robot Flame Man
  10. Doc Robot Leaf Man
  11. Doc Robot Bright Man
  12. Dr. Wily
  13. Nightmare
  14. Samson

Luigi's WorldEdit

  1. Mecha Bonbie & Lakitoad

VIP Mario Testing BossesEdit

  1. Neo Ex-Death (scrapped in Brutal Mario)
  2. Four-Headed Yoshi (scrapped Super Kitiku Mario) 
  3. Reznor & 02 (02 as VIP 3 boss) (edited Super Mario World Boss)

Unaccessable, Stray Lunar Magic Levels (That Have Been Edited From The Original ROM)Edit

  1. Queen Zeal*
  2. Lemmy Koopa (basic edited Super Mario World Boss)
  3. Bowser (Clown Car) (edited Super Mario World Boss)

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