The sprite of a Boo in Super Mario World.
First Game Super Mario World (1990)
Homeland Dinosaur Land
Ghost Houses
Origin Super Mario World
Attack(s) Contact
Defeated by Starman

Boos are recurring enemies in the Mario series. They are small ghosts that were introduced in Super Mario Bros. 3. The most distinctive characteristic of the Boos is their shy personality, where they cover their faces when someone looks them directly at the face. They will uncover their faces once Mario/Luigi turns around.



They are a type of a white spherical ghost with menacing teeth and constantly open their mouths.


Super Mario seriesEdit

Brutal MarioEdit

Boos appeared in Ghost Houses. Their attack pattern is the same as those from Super Mario Bros. 3 and will occasionally make faces at Mario and Luigi. A new sub-species of Boos was introduced, the Boo Buddy.

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