• Thirteen1355

    Hey all, I thought this could be a nice place to invite people to my Discord server, containing all sorts of talk about the upcoming Pokémon game for the Nintendo Switch, and just general Pokémon/gaming talk. It would be great to hear opinions about what direction the Pokémon franchise should/might head into, and how the series could become better than ever!

    Feel free to join!

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  • Theonesuperx

    You may have remember I made a blog post on here "The History and Present of Brutal Mario" but this is the more proper one. Now lets begin.  I may make a lot of mistakes, so feel free to point out any mistakes I make.

    On 2008, Demo 7 of Brutal Mario was released to SMWCentral.  Unlike any other hack at the time, this hack had some amazing ASM for the hacking era. Almost every level had some sort of unique gimmick made possable by ASM programming. Carol, the creator of the hack, also took his time to create many, many familer bosses along wtih new enemies that are new to the world of Mario.  But the release of Brutal wasn't enough to make it well known.

    To understand how Brutal Mario became so popular, lets go back in time to the old youtube.…

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  • Jarofrods

    Woahs, it's gonna be a long time until Brutal Mario is finished; probably not until 2020. All aboard the BM hype train! Choo Choo!

    I liked Thirteen1355's blog on game series to play while waiting for BM, and I wanted to make something similar. But for my blog, I want to do top Mario hacks and fan games. Whether they are amazing or just eye-catching (in my opinion at least) , I hope you check them out!

    Also, if you have some hacks you like, write them in the comments.


    VIP Mario is series of five (soon to be six) rom hacks made by members of 2chan, one of them being Carol. Unlike the ASM gameplay of Brutal Mario, VIP Mario focuses more on vanilla and clever ga…

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  • Jarofrods

    New Super Mario Bros. U and Brutal Mario have got some interesting similarities:

    1. The boss order of the Koopalings in both games is very close:

    • NSMBU: Lemmy, Morton, Wendy, Larry, Iggy, Roy, Ludwig
    • BM: Lemmy, Morton, Wendy, Iggy, Larry, Roy, Ludwig

    With the exception of Larry and Iggy, they are nearly identical. Also in my opinion, the Koopalings in NSMBU have a unique set of attacks compared to previous games, much like how BM's Koopalings are unique to SMW's.

    2. NSMBU takes a lot of inspiration from SMW:

    • The sideways mountains in the first world
    • Baby Yoshis were brought back, albeit they can't grow into adults, as well they have new abilities
    • Torpedo Teds, Bony Beetles, Twimps, and Sumo Brothers, who were originally exclusive to SMW, were broug…
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  • OfficialZero

    My blog.

    December 30, 2015 by OfficialZero

    If you want my blog, go to my website .

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  • Gabriel.L1234

    How I met Brutal Mario

    December 17, 2015 by Gabriel.L1234

    Hey guys! I'm here to tell how I met Brutal Mario.

    The year was 2012, I was searching for some Mario stuff and I saw a really strange Japanese video: Mario with a strange monster (7 koopalings) and when I watched the video I said "THIS IS IMPOSSIBLE TO RECRIETE IN FLASH, GAME MAKER OR IN A SMW HACK!!" And I never forgot that thing and that song.

    In 2014, I saw the same monster again in this video:

    This video had commentary: "Super Kitiku Mario".

    I searched more for the hack and I was fascinated by the hack.

    I played all the demo 7 but I was still searching by others demos.

    I founded the demo 7.5 but I hated it. The demo was so poor and just has some levels and just it. 

    And I found this video: https://w…

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  • Thirteen1355

    Well, I have not made a blog post for a long time, but I see there are still people who really want Brutal/Kitiku Mario to be released. Well, I think Carol is working on it, but cannot find much free time for it. It is not his main priority, but he does it out of fun.

    As it will be some time before Brutal Mario ever gets released (that is, if it will ever be released), I have listed some games Brutal Mario takes inspiration from, along with some great platformer games. My reason for writing this is to make you understand how awesome these games are and how they actually make better games than Brutal Mario, which mixes all those things together in one game. I think Brutal Mario is good because of the mix of great games, but the source games …

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  • Jarofrods

    Art Page

    November 2, 2015 by Jarofrods

    Post your BM fanart here!

    I made a blog for Brutal Mario! I'll also be posting art and other things there. Go check it out!

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  • SirArsenN

    Okay, I have some news on Brutal Mario. First off, i'm done beta testing, for now. In about 2-3 months from now, i'll re-continue my testing, by that time I will most likely have another version to test. Second, this will be the update hub for, as the title says, Brutal Mario's current and later states. There will be a section in this... section, where I will write what i'm allowed to, update-wise, from Carol. There's also going to be another section in this section, where you guys, the community, can write what you find and if there are any current updates for the game, at least for the public.

    I will also answer questions.

    • The time gap for Brutal Mario's release was originally 2015-2020, it is now 2015-2017.
    • Currently, all testing has stopp…

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  • SirArsenN


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  • Thirteen1355

    1-1 Demo

    April 14, 2015 by Thirteen1355

    Guys, I need some help here:

    Should I upload a video to Youtube about the new demo (without download link of course) or not?

    I don't know. Maybe a video upload will only cause more confusion.

    On the other hand, the video could give more stable information and instead remove eventual confusion.

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  • Theonesuperx

    Ok,Ladies and Gentlemen. It is 2015 now..Now Behold, the History of Brutal Mario.. Lets watch this history of amazing envovling ASM to horrble hoaxing... : ) 

    Brutal Mario Started in 2005, I believe. But the first demo we known was release in 2008.. That was demo 7 Carol  was active on SMWC, and with his Gmail. He also made a Addmusic, and Overworld sprite tool..Later on he made Chaap Demo (7.5) was released in 2009...I may be wrong(please correct me if I am.. This was the last big demo and is my favrite demo.. It starts you off in the special world, have wonderful custom music, and the level design have improve in the speical world.. 

    After Cheap Demo, the "Broken Era" has begun.. And by that, I mean all demos after Cheap Demo are broken in…

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  • Theonesuperx

    Hello,guys. I am here to telll you about an ugly site...SMWCentral. I was once part of that site..And I will admit..It is a good site to go to to get resources to make SMW Hacks, SM64 hacks, NSMB wii hacks and even YI Hacks,but I wouldn't really say it is the best site to join.

    When I was on the site, I was working on a team project, Dark Side of the Kingdom,but it got cancelled. My team slowly feel apart.. And the new leader got lazy and wouldn't give me the base ROM to work on it.(It had quite a few levels.) But he was still able to work on other hacks.. >_<   But I won't be gong back anytime soon to hacking.. Also, doing those Brutal Mario Hoaxes. When I thought Test your skill was real, it seems the staff really enjoyed disporving the d…

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  • Jarofrods

    Why do you love Brutal Mario? Write your reasons in the comments below! Here's why I love the game:

    December 25th, 2011. It's Christmas. Presents were allotted out. I had gotten new video games: Scribblenauts, Super Mario Galaxy, Super Paper Mario. But I was introduced to a special game: Super Mario World, for the Wii's virtual console.

    I had loved it. Super Mario World was a whole new experience. Everything about the game is amazing. The levels, the gameplay, the adventure. My favorite part is the secrets hidden throughout the game, one of the best leading to the Star World. The game was extremely fun, and it's my favorite 2D Mario game, maybe even best Mario game period!

    Late April, 2012. Around this time I learned about SMW rom hacks, and I was i…

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  • BantyoLeomon



    So, pretty much almost everything on World 9 is a huge mystery outside of three levels (Rescue Yoshi, Koindozer's Forest, Maze Cave 2).

    Here's what I think World 9 will be like.

    Aka Rainstorm Lake.

    I'm not sure about this one. Due to the name, I assume Carol is scrapping Rainstorm Lake.

    It's possibly some sort of ruined Switch Palace. I'm guessing it's a puzzle level, probably like the other Switch Palaces on steroids or something.

    The music would probably be Leonid's Castle.

    Anyways, there are three main stages to World 9: キノコおうこくステージ1, キノコおうこくステージ2, キノコおうこくステージ3.

    Mushroom Kingdom Stages 1-3.

    These setting and graphics in these might be similar to Koindozer F…

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  • Theonesuperx

    It seems that my friend have contact with Carol on Skype. How do I know? Well, he told me and he showed me In real life. I think he is joking ,but who knows. He said that this carol don't want anyone to know about him,but I would like to get some answers.

    My friend on Skype is the funky man. you can get Skype here.(

    My friend don't even ask him or care about Brutal Mario it seems, so if it is the real Carol, I can see why.

    My Skype is Theonesuperx.. I guess this is worth giving a shot, if not then a other hoax to count. (I think it a fake.)

    Also he showed me his Skype and I show a user name Carol in his contacts.

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  • Ignacio Martinez

    well, first of all im new on this wiki, but not on brutal mario knowledge:

    I got a earlier version of RestL before it was released by a friend, it does not have all of the custom things, but it has all of the sfc tower of pain and other levels properly, without the glitches when you get far on the level, also the message in sfc tower of pain is different and is pretty interesting, the old level of "Test Your Skill"is just a pit with clouds forming the word "HaHaHa", here are some screenshots of it:

    Download Link:

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  • Thirteen1355

    Dear Brutal Mario lovers.

    Does anyone know something we could add to this wiki (like a page)?

    Does anyone have ideas? Thirteen1355 (talk) 10:49, July 19, 2014 (UTC)

    Here are pages that need to be added:

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  • Theonesuperx

    It seems that Carol is still working on Brutal Mario. A friend told me this.

    "I talk to carol once or twice every year, and I did in january and he said it's going slow because he has IRL stuff"

    That was this Year January too.

    So I will put this project to a close because Carol is still working on his Brutal Mario. I don't the two BM to have a problem with each other.

    If you guys want, I can start making a original fan game. Would you like if I do that with all the levels idea I had in mind for the Unofficial Brutal Mario?

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  • Thirteen1355

    I think we should be merging

    with our wiki. 

    There are some pages on that wiki that contain information that we don't have. 

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  • Theonesuperx

    I been looking for a ASM programmer for Brutal Mario. We have good version of Brutal Mario,but I our version needs some more to feel like a completed game.Also a ASM programmer could help us make the ultimate one part ROM.(have to play Brutal Mario in different ROMs don't feel right to me. Playing it in one ROM would feel like a epic Adventure.)

    Here I would list what The Unofficial Brutal Mario needs.

    1.All bosses from all version in one rom *Plus making very good replica of bosses like Seven Heros, FF6 star boss plus incomplete boss like Peach/Goddess Peach and Luigi.

    2.Make new bosses for Luigi World Manily. If star world needs level, we can add them too, but focus on Luigi World.

    3.Luigi Castle needs to be like Bowser Castle. Long with man…

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  • Thirteen1355

    Fake Carols

    July 1, 2014 by Thirteen1355

    Hi, I'm Thirteen1355, and I'm writing this to let you know about some things.

    There are pretty many of them. First, we have WHODIDYOUTHINKITWAS, who didn't really pretend to be Carol, but said his Skill/RestL patches were made by Carol. Second, we have someone who called himself Carol151. I have heard that was Carol's real Youtube channel's name, but this one wasn't Carol for sure, as he told me himself before deleting the channel.

    I ask you all to write in the News section of this wiki when you hear about a new demo or something else. We from the wiki together will check if the demo is real then.

    Demo 9.5 and RestL/Skill patches were NOT MADE BY CAROL!

    Thirteen1355 (talk) 18:03, July 1, 2014 (UTC)

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  • Theonesuperx

    We have been waiting for the full version of Brutal Mario ever since 2009 (after the final boss demo) What happened to Brutal Mario.

    Well, there is only one thing to do. < we can try to contact Carol by asking him what happened to Brutal Mario. He still use this Email. He respond to me with this email this year telling me he do not know the newest demo. But I Need more answers.

    So maybe if enough people ask what happened to Brutal Mario he will just answer.

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  • Theonesuperx

    Hello, I just made an unofficial version of Brutal Mario known as Super Kiktu Mario Classic Adventure. < Here the download. Now the game will feel a lot more like a final version.(It does not use Seven Heros battle or omega and rpg dragon battle) Luigi Castle is the last level, which is Willy castle.

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  • Theonesuperx

    I decided to remake BM classic with Cheap demo. This one may include a seven hero battle and a luigi battle. The last one I made kind of suck.

    I would like some help with the project. BTW I already got English in the hack rom.

    One thing is that I need somebody who knows ASM how to finsh the Seven Hero Battle in Cheap Demo.(It don't have to be Carol Perfect. Also, if we get the cheap demo seven hero boss working, than we just need to get started on Luigi World finsh Bowser Castle in Cheap DEMO. I am not sure if you can get sprites from other roms.

    With the luigi world,maybe we could use the Juilus boss and tanisee boss from Vip Mario 5 or something in Luigi world. For Luigi, I am not sure.

    What else needs to be done is the dragon balls I gues…

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  • Jarofrods

    I would like to become an admin for Brutal Mario Wiki. The only admin on this wiki (SpaghettiGuy3) hasn't been on this wiki for some years now, so I want to take charge. When I become an admin, I would helped improve Brutal Mario Wiki greatly. I have studied a lot into the game, and I think my information will be very useful. I would work very hard on this wiki. I've already worked a lot on it, and when I become an admin, I could even more on the wiki. So what do you think?

    Thanks to everyone who said yes!

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  • Theonesuperx

    If these demo are fake than that means that Carol's Brutal Mario is really dead. I am sorry,but it seems Carol really doesn't care anymore about BM. First somebody hack into his account and he never tried to contact the staff or anything to get a new account. Second, if this new demo is fake like RestL and Skill, Carol is just letting this guy do whatever he wants with BM WHILE he is acting like he works for Carol and is Carol. I just think that Brutal Mario is dead. We might as well just see what this guy do to this game and hope it be interesting because Brutal Mario is very much dead.

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  • Theonesuperx

    I have put together an old version of Brutal Mario(6.0) to make it feel like a full game. It goes all the way to Luigi World with a final boss(That is not Luigi and that is not the Super Mario World Bowser. The boss is a boss made by carol and appears in vip series.)

    It do not include the star world map but do include some star world levels. Here is the link here. the link. (you need the ips tool from smwcentral or

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  • Jarofrods

    Should Brutal Mario be given to Nintendo to be published?

    A goal I've had since I found the game, I want to propose Brutal Mario to Nintendo to be officially published as a game.

    1. Like the Guttenburg Press, publishing Brutal Mario would help spread it to more gamers. More people will know of, and definently, play the game!
    2. Brutal Mario would provide a bigger challenge to gamers. Nintendo games today seem to be dilialed down in difficulty, though they do have amazing graphics and gameplay. Meanwhile, Brutal Mario has amazing graphics and gameplay AND a good difficulty.
    3. Downloading unknown files to a computer can be harmful and complicated. If Brutal Mario was published, then it would be instead played on a console, and it would be much safer and…
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  • Theonesuperx

    We just Nee more Proof of the existence of demo 9.5. Really do you think we can just believe a bunch of text and text after a bunch of false information and false.

    I just don't think pics will do or text. I can see if this was a hack like super Mario world central 2 , but with carol, he could have added anything to the hack.

    We need a link so we can be information or a good video. But after a false video we need a link. If no link,I will just call the Demo 9.5 page a fake and ask for it to be taken down. We have no proof.

    1. He refused to give a link to the demo which is the only proof of the demo being real. This is the dumbest choice to make.

    2. He never post a pic. Strange how the fakes ones have pics while the "real" one don't.

    3. Says th…

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  • Sandro shubitidze

    The Hard Bosses

    February 11, 2014 by Sandro shubitidze

    Which 5 Brutal Mario Bosses Is The Hardest In Your Opinion?

    my 5 hardest are

    5) Dr. Willy

    4) Dragon Emperor

    3) Dumb Drum

    2) Zable Fahr

    1) Super Kitiku Mario Final Boss

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