Banzai Bill
Banzai Bill SMW

A Banzai Bill in Super Mario World.
First Game Super Mario World (1990)
Homeland Dinosaur Land
Origin Super Mario World
Attack(s) Flying into Mario/Luigi's direction
Defeated by Jumping

 Banzai Bills are a larger variety of Bullet Bills that first appeared in Super Mario World. Banzai Bills are also recurring enemies in the Mario series. Although they seem difficult to defeat, they can be defeated simply by jumping on it.


Banzai Bill SMW

Banzai Bills are often portrayed as predominantly black-colored and have shark smiles. They are also bigger than Mario or Luigi.


Super Mario seriesEdit

Brutal MarioEdit

In Brutal Mario, Banzai Bills are fired from somewhere off-screen and travel slowly towards Mario. Despite their size, they still can be defeated by jumping on top of them. They are often seen throughout the game prior to the Sky world.

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