Airborne Cemetery
Airborne Cemetery
Second section with Clapper.

Japanese Name:

ひくうていのはかば/Hikuutei no Hakaba


Bowser's Valley.

Previous Level:

Battleship Halberd.

Next Level:

Dark Castle

Alternate Level:



Second Section: Clapper the Seal can turn lava into water.


Bullet Bill, Eerie, Diagonal Bullet Bill, Cheep Cheep.



Power-Ups & Itens:

Mushroom, Cape Feather.


Demo 7.

Airborne Cemetery (ひくうていのはかば Hikuutei no hakaba, lit. Graveyard of Airships) is the second level in the Bowser's Valley.


The first section has a medium autoscroll, you have to avoid falling into lava while avoiding the Bullet Bills that are shot out of cannons. Halfway through this section the autoscroll will become faster, and, in the Demo 7.5 onwards, some Red Switch Palace blocks are added above the lava.

In the second section, there will be lava that damages Mario (or kill him), however, a Donkey Kong Country 2's Animal Buddy, called Clapper the Seal, can transform the lava into water.

The third section is a Boss Path that leads to a boss fight against Ultima.


The level uses graphics from Super Mario World. The Ultima sprite is an edited version of the sprite in Final Fantasy Tactics.


The custom music used through this level is BGM 53: "Haunted Chase" from Donkey Kong Country 2.

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